Rarescale Summer School

I spent the last week at beautiful Harlaxton Manor in Licolnshire for the rarescale summer school. It was a flautists and composers retreat which was truly inspiring. During the week we had loads of fun playing in ensembles and working on pieces the composers wrote whilst there. On the last day we held a little concert performing everything that had been worked on. I had the immense pleasure of performing some really cool pieces including “After St. Kilda” by Simon Cummings, “GOSS” by Neill Smith, part of a work for flute-trio by Gavin Stewart, a “Lament” by Brian Wilshaw and many others. I’d like to thank Carla Rees and rarescale for letting me take part and all the composers (e.g. David Bennett ThomasMatthew WhitesideMichael Oliva and many others) for their wonderful music. Hopefully I’ll see everyone again soon and be able work on pieces and projects in the future with some of them too!

Btw: that big pipe is a contrabass flute that Carla very kindly let me have a go at. Guess I’ll have to start saving some pennies for the next 50 years to be able to get one at some point!



Fife Summer Camp 2015 for children aged 6+

Application is now open for the 2015 Fife Summer Camp taking place at Arts@Trinity Leeds.

The course is aimed at children aged 6+ and will run from the 24th-29th August with 1hour lessons every morning from 10am-11am and ending in a family fluting picnic on the Saturday afternoon.

For more information click here.

Fife Workshop kids aged 6-10

The Arts@Trinity Flute Choir players and I will be doing a fife workshop for kids aged 6 to 10 who would like to learn to play flute, but are still too small. The fife is a great way to get started as it is exactly like the flute just smaller (and also a lot cheaper)!

You can find all the information for the workshop here.

Photo shoot

Wow, just realised how long it’s been since I posted last. I’ve really been stuck in work, but I promise I’ll try and be better!

Did a really fun photo shoot today in the town I grew up in in Germany! There might even be some nice ducks in them as the kept coming to ask for food – or complain about us entering there space… not quite sure which one it was 😀

Photos will be up soon!

Working on ideas

Sorry it’s been so quiet lately. Me and the Flute Choir team are currently working on some exciting ideas for workshops. Keep coming to look for updates on this! 🙂