Flute Choir News

Additionally to a lot of new members, the Arts@Trinity Flute Choir is also happy to announce that they now have an arranger and composer in residence: Simon Cummings!

He’s already working hard on two pieces for us 🙂

Do go and check his website out!

A@T Flute Choir Concert postponed

Unfortunately we have to postpone the Arts@Trinity Flute Choir & Friends concert planned for Saturday until further notice.

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend anyway!

Fife Fun

Here is the flute choir having a go at a little tune on fifes! Your kids want to learn the fife? Join us for a workshop!

Fife Workshop kids aged 6-10

The Arts@Trinity Flute Choir players and I will be doing a fife workshop for kids aged 6 to 10 who would like to learn to play flute, but are still too small. The fife is a great way to get started as it is exactly like the flute just smaller (and also a lot cheaper)!

You can find all the information for the workshop here.

Working on ideas

Sorry it’s been so quiet lately. Me and the Flute Choir team are currently working on some exciting ideas for workshops. Keep coming to look for updates on this! 🙂